International Film Exhibition features 100 Seconds and other shorts

October 27, 2016 – The Ames Free Library   in North Easton, Massachusetts hosted a screening of an EXHIBITION OF INTERNATIONAL SUPER SHORTS that included films from the 100-Second Festival (Boston), the International 100 Second Film Festival (Iran), the 60 Second International Film Festival (Pakistan) and the 1o Second International Animation Festival  (Korea).  The event was featured many films from Easton, Massachusetts.  The event was sponsored by Easton Community Access Television.

The compilation of films were curated over the Summer and Fall.  The 100 Second Film Festival from Iran shared 200 films from their catalogue of 2016 Films.  Jason Daniels, festival producer, along with Pateha Sanati helped dive through this trove films.  “The films were brief but often relayed more than a traditional movie”, said Sanati who lent her passion for International cinema and knowledge of Iranian film.  The films from Pakistan and Korea arrived in September.


Local films from Easton residents  were woven into the mix. Nate Richman, co-produced and starred in “Service”, a new entry to the festival.  “The 100 seconds film festival was a terrific experience. It showcased a variety of styles, genres, ideas, and perspectives all uniquely and creatively produced into films 100 seconds or less. It was like viewing a melting pot of film.”

The audience had strong reactions to the films.  Daniell Krawczyk remarked, “The screening was an amazing mix of content from vastly different cultures and yet everything flowed together, like a quilt made of animation, narrative fiction, and experimental documentary. It was equally entertaining, engaging, and challenging, and the only  festival created for today’s ADHD attention spans.

The festival continues to march into 2017 with its recently announced Call for Entries.