2018 Call for Entries is Open

April 2, 2018

The worldwide call for entries is open for the 100-Second  Film Festival 2018.  Filmmakers of all skill levels and backgrounds are encouraged to submit their films.  The deadline for entries is September 1, 2018.  The premiere will be held at Oakes Ames Memorial on October 27, 2018 in North Easton, Massachusetts.

Locals Shine, Global Films Inspire at Shorts Film Festival

EASTON, MA – September 17, 2017 – An engaged and supportive audience took a break from the late Summer heat to enjoy a dazzling array of super short films this past Sunday as the Oakes Ames Hall hosted the 100-Second Film and Video festival.

The exhibition was presented by Easton Community Access Television  and featured a diverse cross section of films from local artists and students.  The audience took time to select some of their local favorites.  “A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue” by Noah Potash garned the local audience favorite.  Other well received local films were “Addiction Stories” by Amy MacMannis, “In the Woods” by Kevin Friend and “Save Driving” by Ben Reingold.

“Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue” Noah Potash and Brian Wright

“Addiction Stories” by Amy MacMannis

“In the Woods” Kevin Friend

“Safe Driving” by Ben Reingold

The afternoon also featured an inspiring and thought provoking roster of films from around the world.  These were provided through an exchange with the 60 Second International Film Festival of Pakistan and the International 100 Second Film Festival of Iran.  This brave and novel cultural exchange provides the local audience a window into the world.

“Wounded Tree”


100-Second Film and Video Festival Premiere

Easton to Host Unique 100-Second Film and Video Festival
Event Will Feature Local and International films

EASTON, MA  August 21, 2017 ‐‐ On September 17, 2017, Greater Easton area residents will have a rare chance to enjoy cinema from around the world, including Iran and Pakistan and local works from Easton filmmakers and area students.

The 100-Second Film and Video Festival represents a unique international collaboration in the language of film. Featuring participants from over 15 countries as well as across the United States, the festival encourages filmmakers at all levels of skill. Started in 2005 under the auspices of Creative Commons, 100-Seconds fosters cultural collaboration and exchange. This is the second year the International 100 Second Iranian Films Festival and the 60 Second International Film Festival will be part of the exhibition in Easton. The event is presented by ECAT – Easton Community Access Television, and sponsored by Shoveltown Cultural District and Easton Human Rights Committee.

“I’m very excited about this year’s 100-Second Festival,” said local organizer and ECAT Executive Director Jason Daniels. “We have a selection of brand new local films collected from talented artists right here in Easton. There is work from our annual Summer Film Sprint, vacation video workshops and the Oliver Ames media program. There are all new films from all over the world providing a rare opportunity for an American audience.The films will give local residents a chance to glimpse the cultural lives of those in these less familiar places, as well as celebrate those right here at home.

Mashal Riaz, Social Media Administrator of the 60 Second International Film Festival in Pakistan commented that “the rapid pace with which media and role of films in the society are moving forward, we are certain this will continue to be a productive venture for both our entities”.

The festival will be held at Oakes Ames Hall, 3 Barrows St. in North  Easton.  2:00pm –  4:00pm. The event is free and handicapped accessible.  Light refreshments will be served.

More information about the festival and sample submissions can be found at eastoncat.org.

International Super Shorts on display in Somerville

April 3, 2017 – Aeronaut Brewery  in Somerville, Massachusetts played host to a new installment of an EXHIBITION OF INTERNATIONAL SUPER SHORTS. This included films from the 100-Second Festival (Boston), the International 100 Second Film Festival (Iran), the 60 Second International Film Festival (Pakistan) and the 1o Second International Animation Festival (Korea).

Works spanned the globe from Mississippi to Algeria.  Some lighthearted, others challenging – the hour plus show found a receptive audience.

This special exhibition was sponsored by Somerville Media Center  and Easton Community Access Television

Boston compilation of 100 Second Films included in International Iranian Festival

We are pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year the 11th International 100-Second-Film Festival of Iran has included a selection of films from our local, Boston area based 100 Second Project.  These films were exhibited on February 22 & 23, 2017 at Azadhi Cinema Complex in Tehran, Iran as part of a special Out of Competition “tribute to short films of one or more countries or International Film Festivals”  International Festival Director Behnam Bahadori shared the following:

submitting to the 100-seconds


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